TMS Entertainment Announces 1 Million YouTube Subscriber Milestone and Virtual Celebration

By | November 10, 2022

During TMS Anime Latino’s 1 Million Subscriber Celebration week, fans can expect the following content in addition to the channel’s regular programmed offerings:Friday, November 11MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD, Episode 1 (Spanish & Portuguese Dub)Saturday, November 12Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Watch Party (Spanish Dub)Tomorrow’s Joe 2, 3 Episode Premiere (Portuguese Sub)Sunday, November 13 Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Watch Party (Portuguese Dub)Monday, November 14Dr. STONE: STONE WARS, Episode 1 Premiere (Spanish & Portuguese Dub)Tuesday, November 15Cat’s Eye Watch Party & Premiere (Spanish Dub)Wednesday, November 16Fastest Finger First Premiere (Spanish & Portuguese Sub)Thursday, November 17 Kamisama Kiss Watch Party (Spanish Dub) Magic Knight Rayearth Episode Premiere (Spanish & Portuguese Dub)Friday, November 18Red Baron Premiere (Spanish Dub)Kamisama Kiss Watch Party (Portuguese Sub) 
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